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U.S. Marine, Harold Wadley - Sgt. Reckless Episode

Submitted July 2013


Dear Pam and Kadee!


You two are a class all by your self! The flow and arrangement of the Sgt. Reckless program today was so smooth, every high point in the correct place, I think YOU, KADEE and ROBIN should team up to do historical horse documentaries. Isn't Robin fantastic?


Surely your Gentle Giants was correct when Kadee said Reckless had a giant heart; and then some.

If RFD-TV has an award progam for hisorical issues I think your work on Reckless should get the "Gold Horse Shoe"


Did you notice the Marine officer on the left front column when the 5th Marine Regiment marched in honor of Reckless? He was limping with the cane. That was Colonel Tompkins. He would unexpectantly drop into our fighting positions in Korea just to help any way he could. We loved him. He got the limp from a Jap sniper on the island Tarawa in the Pacific. Once an arrogant reporter asked him why he carried that cane. He replied "In case I meet an elephant I can beat it to death!."


For some unknow reason tears came when the scene showed he "Willie Peter" (white phosporus)splattered across the ridge. Our jackets had so many holes burned in them from it that we got new ones when it was all over Sorta hard way to get a new field jacket!


Thank you, doesn't quite get it.


Warm regards,

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